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Moon Set

Moon Set

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The name, Moon, embodies the serene look and luxurious feel of our cat cave. As your cat is soothed to rest, your home aesthetic is elevated by better design. This set is paired with a boucle sphere cushion for a complete decorative styling.

Product Details:

  • Modular cat cave and cat bed
  • Textured luxurious bouclé fabric
  • Sphere shaped by foam padding
  • No machine wash. Spot clean and lint roll
  • Interior pet cushion included
  • 12" diameter sphere pillow included
  • 16" diameter, 16" height, 8" entry
  • Made in China, Designed in USA
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The name, Moon, embodies the luxurious serenity our cat cave creates. Your cat is soothed to rest while your interior decor is elevated by better design.

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Our cat caves reduce stress and anxiety in cats by providing a secure and enclosed space that mimics the safety of den that is instinctually rooted from their ancestry. The cozy, enclosed, and soft interior of the Moon Cave Bed helps cats feel protected and relaxed, promoting a sense of calm. This secure environment allows cats to lower their guard and reduce stress, ultimately leading to better livelihood.

Self-Regulating Warmth

Cats are naturally drawn to warm spots as it helps maintain their body temperature and conserves energy. Our snug, insulated Moon cat cave fulfills this instinctual need, making it a comforting and appealing place for cats to curl up and relax, especially in colder environments or during chilly seasons.

Improves Sleep

Our Moon Cat Cave improves sleep quality through creating a comfortable and cozy environment that encourages relaxation. The enclosed design of the cave offers a sense of security while also reducing exposure to external disturbances and distractions, resulting in a more peaceful, uninterrupted slumber and better sleeping patterns. This enhanced sleep experience helps cats wake up refreshed and rejuvenated, contributing to their overall well-being and happiness.

Durable & Luxurious Materials

While wool and felt cat caves are common, they often sacrifice quality and aesthetics. That's why we've designed our Moon Cat Cave using high-quality foam to ensure long-lasting shape and structure, complemented by boucle fabric for an elegant and luxurious touch in any setting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do cats like cave beds?

Cats might seem like they've fully embraced the comforts of domestic life, but deep down, they're still wired like their wild relatives. In the wild, cats often seek out hidden cat nests or a cat hideaway to observe potential prey and take a break from the world. Your pet cat has the same instincts which is why they are naturally drawn to cat caves.

Are cat cave beds good for cats?

Yes! Cat cave beds are excellent for reducing stress and anxiety by providing a secure and enclosed cat hideaway. They also improve sleep quality by offering a quiet retreat with insulating materials that keep cats warm and cozy, enhancing their overall well-being!

What is the best cat cave?

Unlike popular common felt or wool cat caves, the Moon is the best cat cave for a few reasons. Firstly we use soft padded foam for excellent insulation and acts as a self-warming cat bed. Additionally, our unique bouclé cat cave not only offers superior functionality but also adds an aesthetic touch, elevating the style of your home while ensuring your cat enjoys the utmost comfort.

How do you get your cat to try a new cat bed or cat cave?

To entice your cat to try a new cat bed or cat cave, start by placing it in a location your cat frequents, like near a sunny window or next to their favorite resting spot. Add familiar scents by placing a blanket or toy with their scent inside the bed or cave. Gently encourage your cat to explore by using treats, toys, or catnip to pique their curiosity, and give them time to investigate at their own pace. Avoid forcing your cat into the new bed or cat cave, as this can create negative associations. Be patient, as it may take some time for your cat to adjust to the new addition and feel comfortable using it.