portrait picture of grey and white cat with green eyes by catenary modern cat furniture company

Our Why

Catenary was born out of a decade-long struggle of shopping for our past fur child, Owen. Owen was more than just a pet, he was a family member and roommate and the endless sea of cat products always compromised functionality or style. We decided to change that and create the modern cat furniture of our dreams. At Catenary, we believe in a world where there is no compromise on interior décor or cat comfort.

Our Selection
catenary logo and modern cat scratch pad with grey and white cat on floor of modern living room

Our Name

Catenary: a graceful, strong U-shaped curve formed by a free-hanging chain. This mathematically beautiful occurrence is the inspiration behind Catenary, the design-forward cat brand. Like the curve, our modern cat furniture embodies the perfect combination of form and function. Contemporary style and problem-solving design is at the core of our brand, which is why we proudly bear the name Catenary.

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cat in catenary moon luxury cat cave in white boucle

Our approach

Catenary is equally committed to aesthetics and cat comfort. The design process begins with a concept rooted in the notion that beautiful objects can serve functional purposes. Each concept is sketched, during which factors such as dimensions, materials and functionality are closely considered. Only those concepts that pass Catenary’s highest standards are created into prototypes, which must successfully complete thorough testing before joining Catenary’s modern cat furniture line.

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