catenary modern cat bowls and elevated cat bowls with grey and white cat on table

Our Name

The catenary curve is a graceful and strong shape formed by a hanging chain. Like the curve, our modern cat furniture embodies the perfect combination of form and function. Minimalist and problem-solving design is at the core of our brand, which is why we proudly bear the name Catenary.

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Our beginning

Catenary was born out of a decade-long struggle of shopping for our cat, Owen. The endless sea of products always compromised functionality or style and we knew we had to change that. Our cat furniture solutions are designed to seamlessly blend form and function. We exist to meet cat needs while also elevating the home aesthetic!

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portrait picture of grey and white cat with green eyes by catenary

Our why

We create cat furniture that merges modern problem-solving designs and minimalism style because we are cat parents with discerning taste. Cats are more than just pets, they're our family members and our roommates. At Catenary, we believe in a world where there is no compromise on interior décor or cat comfort. Our mission is to revolutionize what living with cats will look and mean.

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Our approach

Our approach to cat furniture starts with well-designed minimalist furniture. We take the inspiration as a starting point, then work to incorporate features that cater to cat comfort. Every product is tested by the Chief Feline Officer (our cat) and without approval we will abandon ideas completely. Rounds and rounds of concepts and testing happens to achieve a remarkable cat product that combines beautiful design and problem-solving.

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catenary white and grey cat eating from modern cat bowls on coffee table in modern living room

Our cat furniture

Our first products were our Halo Cat Bowls followed by our innovative Moon Cat Cave. We are actively working on expanding our offers and to continue designing with equal importance on form and function to transform the future of living with cats.

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