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Interior Design Do's and Don'ts for Cat Owners: Creating a Cat-Friendly Home

Living with cats brings joy and companionship, but it also comes with unique challenges when it comes to interior design. From preventing a cat from scratching furniture to maintaining a harmonious environment, there are several key considerations for cat owners to keep in mind. Let's explore some essential do's and don'ts to help you create a stylish and cat-friendly home that both you and your furry friends will love.


Do: Provide Elevated Perches by Windows

Cats love to observe their surroundings and soak up the sun from a cozy spot by the window. Invest in a cat tree or perch that allows your feline friends to enjoy a panoramic view of the outdoors while staying entertained and comfortable.


Don't: Mix Food, Water, and Litter

Just like humans, cats prefer to have separate areas for eating, drinking, and using the litter box. Keep these resources in different locations to respect your cat's natural instincts and promote a sense of security and cleanliness in your home.


Do: Be Proactive to Prevent Scratching Damage

Don't wait until your beloved houseplants are destroyed or your furniture is scratched beyond repair. Be proactive by providing your cats with their own designated scratching surfaces, such as scratching posts or cat scratching boards. Additionally, deter destructive plant behavior by introducing cat grass and using citrus peels in existing plants to prevent interest.


Don't: Overlook Fragile Decor

Fragile decor items are at risk of being knocked over or broken by curious cats. Use museum putty to securely anchor fragile items to shelves or surfaces, preventing accidents and keeping your decor intact.


In creating a cat-friendly home, style and functionality need not be compromised. By adhering to these interior design do's and don'ts, you can achieve a perfect equilibrium between aesthetics and practicality, fostering a harmonious living space for both you and your feline companions. Always keep your cat's needs at the forefront while integrating cat-friendly solutions into your home decor. Embrace the beauty of cohabiting with your beloved pets, and explore Catenary's product line designed precisely for this purpose. Live more harmoniously with cats today.

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