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How to Train Your Cats Not to Destroy Your Home: Game-Changing Tips

Cats are wonderful companions, but their natural instincts can sometimes clash with our desire for an intact and stylish home. From scratching furniture to knocking over decorations, it can feel like a constant battle to maintain harmony between your cats and your living space. However, with a few strategic techniques and the right modern cat furniture, you can train your cats to coexist peacefully with your home decor with our game-changing tips.


Tackling Inappropriate Scratching

One of the most common challenges cat owners face is dealing with inappropriate scratching behavior. Cats don't understand negative reinforcement like dogs, so instead of constantly scolding your feline friend, try a more strategic approach with modern cat furniture.

Place a cat scratcher or scratching post near their preferred scratching spot to redirect their attention and prevent cats from scratching furniture. Additionally, temporarily using double-sided sticky tape on furniture can help smooth the transition, as most cats dislike the sticky sensation on their paws. Plus choosing a modern cat scratcher with corrugated cardboard or sisal materials will help attract your cat's attention as these textures feel good under their paws and are absorbent of the pheromones released from their paw glands that help them mark their territory.


Protecting Potted Plants

If you're tired of finding your potted plants knocked over by curious paws, there are simple solutions to deter this behavior. For a few weeks, place citrus peels around the base of your plants, as cats tend to dislike the smell. Gradually introduce cat grass as an alternative distraction, shifting their focus away from your houseplants and onto something more suitable for their exploring instincts.


Preventing Naughty Knocking

Decorations are not immune to your cat's curious nature, often ending up as casualties of their playful antics. To prevent knocked-over decor, secure fragile items with museum putty on bookcases or shelves. This reusable adhesive will keep your knickknacks in place while still allowing for easy adjustments when needed.


Addressing Claw Damage

Tiny claw holes in bedding can be frustrating, but there's a simple way to address them without resorting to replacing your linens. Start by washing the bedding as usual, then allow it to dry completely. If the fabric allows, ironing over the affected area can work wonders, magically closing those little holes and restoring your bedding to its former glory.


With these game-changing tips, you can create a harmonious living space where your cats coexist peacefully with your home decor. By understanding their natural instincts and employing strategic techniques, you can train your cats to respect your belongings while still enjoying their playful antics. Remember, patience and consistency are key when it comes to training cats, so don't be discouraged if progress takes time. With dedication and love, you can create a home that both you and your feline companions can enjoy together and check out Catenary's modern cat furniture that can further build harmony at home without compromising style.

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