Flora is a tribute to the timeless calla lily, revered by the ancient Greeks as a symbol of magnificent beauty. This transformed toy to work of art, is each handcrafted to bring endless irresistible fun draped in elegance.

calla lily flora aesthetic cat toy wand woman holding and cat playing with it on couch by catenary home modern cat furniture company

Handcrafted for long-lasting durability.

Our Flora cat wands are meticulously handcrafted in Nepal by skilled artisans who use traditional techniques and natural materials. Built to withstand your cat's wildest zoomies and playful pounces, these durable wand toys feature sturdy interior stems and securely attached fabrics. They're designed to provide endless fun and safe play for you and your cat.

close up of wool aesthetic cat toy wand by catenary home in the shape of a calla lily teaser toy modern cat furniture

Protect teeth & claws with 100% pet-safe natural materials.

The Flora wand toy is crafted with your cat's safety in mind with only 100% pet-safe natural materials. The attachments are high-quality suede cord and wool, both of which are natural and non-toxic. Suede is a type of leather with durable smooth texture that cats love to claw and bite, while wool is a natural fiber known for its gentle resilience. Together, these materials create an investment piece that ensures safe cat play to protect their teeth and claws while providing endless fun.

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cat playing with string aesthetic cat toy of calla lily flower teaser cat wand on couch of modern cat furniture company home catenary

Bond together over endless irresistible fun.

Cat wand toys tap into your cat's natural hunting instincts by mimicking the movements of prey that they find irresistible. The lifelike fluttering and swaying of Flora's suede cords will captivate their attention providing endless engaging play. As an interactive toy, the Flora teaser wand not only keeps your cat entertained but also strengthens your bond together.

calla lily aesthetic cat toy teaser wand in minimalist vase in modern minimalist home by catenary home modern cat furniture company

Timeless elegance by design.

Calla lilies have a classic beauty that has never gone out of style. Revered by the ancient Greeks for symbolizing magnificent beauty, these flowers hold a timeless grace. Pair them with any type of vase or arrangement to complement your personal style. Their enduring charm will remain a beloved choice through every phase of life, adding a touch of sophistication.

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