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The Cultural Significance of Cat Caves: A Historical Look of Cat Caves Around the World

Cat lovers around the world understand that felines have unique preferences when it comes to where they sleep and their instincts to seek a cat nest or cat hideaway. Modern cat caves are steadfast in their popularity so it's no wonder when we look back at history that many cultures have their own traditional designs for cat bed caves as well. It's a testament that it has been long recognized and ancestral for cat's to seek enclosed spaces for comfort and these historical designs are a reflection of that.

The Japanese Neko Chigura

neko chigura japanese cat cave

In Japan, cats have long held a special place in the hearts of the people. This affection is reflected in the Neko Chigura, a beautiful woven bamboo cat igloo or cat dome shaped bed. These intricately designed cat caves not only offer comfort and privacy but are also considered a symbol of good fortune. While the traditional Neko Chigura cat beds are still made and appreciated in Japan, modern cat owners have also embraced contemporary designs that combine functionality and aesthetics to cater to the comfort of their beloved feline companions.


Moroccan Cat Baskets

cat sleeping in cat bed that is moroccan cat basket

Morocco boasts a rich tradition of handwoven baskets, and these skills have been extended to create cozy sleeping cat beds for cats. These handwoven cat baskets are often adorned with pops of colorful patterns and are a testament to the country's craftsmanship and warm climate.


The Russian Cat Pod

wool cat cave bed with russian cat

In colder climates like Russia, cats have historically needed extra warmth during the harsh winters. The Russian cat pod, often made from materials like wool or faux fur, is essentially a self warming cat bed. In modern times, the concept of the Russian cat pod has gained popularity with felt or wool cat cave variants with the same enclosed cat bed design are easily accessible under Amazon cat cave searches and Chewy.


African Woven Cat Huts

african cat hut that is a cat bed cave

African woven cat huts, shaped distinctly like miniature huts, share crafting techniques akin to Moroccan cat baskets. These eco-friendly cat caves offer a cool escape from the sun and reflect the sustainable practices of diverse African communities. It's shape is reminiscent of the Japanese cat igloo or cat dome bed form as well.



Stylish Modern Day Interpretations

catenary cat bed cave made that is a luxury cat bed made of boucle

As we step into the modern age, here at Catenary, we are revolutionizing cat bed caves with designs that cater to feline comfort but also elevate the aesthetics of modern homes. Our Moon Cat Cave—a meticulously designed plush round cat cave structured with foam and enveloped in luxurious bouclé fabric acts as a cozy cat hideaway while and enhancing the interior design of contemporary homes.


In our exploration of cat bed caves from various cultures, it becomes evident that cats have been cherished companions in societies around the world for centuries and cat caves, covered cat beds, or cat igloo shaped beds have always been part of the lifestyle. Whether woven from bamboo, shaped with wool, or handcrafted with care, these cultural cat caves provide insights into the unique ways people have accommodated and celebrated their feline friends in the style of their time and homes. Now, in modern times, as we continue to cherish our feline companions, it's an exciting opportunity for innovative designers to create new and stylish cat cave designs that not only provide comfort but also elevate our standards of both functionality and aesthetics!

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