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Owen: The Inspiration Behind Catenary

It all started with a Craigslist ad. Six-month-old Owen (Gus at the time) was pictured laying in bed, but what stuck out were these giant ears that instantly caught our attention. Without hesitation, we set out to meet this little furball, who was being fostered in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn. When we opened the door, Owen wasted no time in making his presence known, eagerly approaching us with a curiosity that was impossible to resist. Little did we know, our lives were about to be forever changed by this playful and energetic kitten.

Over the course of 11 years, our lives have taken a transformative journey. Owen grew into his ears, and we left behind the hustle and bustle of New York City finding ourselves in the welcoming embrace of a beautiful house in Austin. Still as lovers of interior design, we found ourselves faced with a familiar challenge - the struggle to find cat toys, scratchers, beds, and other cat furniture that not only catered to Owen's needs but also complemented our modern and aesthetic home which is how Catenary began.

Starting with a modest yet significant step, we decided to launch Catenary with our line of modern cat bowls. These elevated bowls combine functionality with contemporary design, providing an elevated dining experience for our cats while seamlessly blending with our home decor. 

While we may have started with cat bowls, our vision for Catenary reaches far beyond. We are thrilled to continue expanding into all category products, delving into every aspect of stylish and modern cat furniture. Our goal is to become the go-to stylish cat furniture brand for discerning cat owners who desire both aesthetic appeal and high-quality products for their beloved cats.

We feel incredibly grateful to have Owen by our side as both a lifelong companion and the Chief Feline Officer of Catenary. We can't wait to witness the magic of the next decade to unfold once again. Let's come together and create a world where modern living and the love of cats beautifully blend. Together, we can make a paw-sitive impact and share in the joy that cats bring to our lives!

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